Two simple ways to make a good impression when selling your home

It goes without saying that making a good first impression when presenting your home for sale is incredibly important - especially if you’re looking to get a top sale price within a short time frame.

To make a good impression, two key things you should consider are:

  1. Photography, and

  2. Presentation

We’ve witnessed first hand the impact that great photography and property presentation makes on sales results, and have shared below a case study of a home that we sold applying these principles…. within 14 days of listing and above the listing price! But more about that soon…


Did you know that 86% of buyers search online when first looking for a property. This is why great photographs are a must.

These photos will help bring the buyers through your door. The more buyers, the more competitive the environment - putting you in a stronger position during negotiations.


The way you present your home tells a story. Before listing your home on the market, it’s important to think about the story you want to tell.

A home that needs a spring clean, and has clutter filling the spaces may suggest to buyers that in this property, life for them will involve maintaining a home that is hard to keep tidy, and is low on storage.

A tidy, well-organised property will help buyers see themselves living in a calm and organised home.

Even the way you arrange your furniture can tell a story, so making sure that it is arranged in a way that makes the best use of the property’s spaces and features is also a must.

Taking the time and effort to present your home in its best light can pay dividends, both in terms of time on the market and sale price.

Helping buyers see that this is the place for them will create a great vibe in terms of interest, and ultimately a sense of urgency in getting the home they truly want!

Making a good impression - a success story!

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photos below really highlight the difference that presentation and photography can make.

In this example, we listed the property after it had already been on the market for 200 days with a different agent.

We assigned a professional photographer to re-shoot the property, and an interior stylist to help select artwork and furniture that could be used while displaying the home for sale - for a total cost of around $5,500.

WITHIN 14 DAYS of listing the property, we had a signed contract for $61, 000 more than the highest (verbal) offer that had been obtained by the previous agency.

A fantastic result - and one that really shows the value of making the right impression to your buyers.

Scroll through the photos to see more.

Master bedroom

The original photos showed a room that was hard to fill - leaving it with an unfinished and empty feeling. Some simple additions of a well-dressed King-sized bed, an occasional chair, and bedside tables and lamps, made a huge difference.


Pool area

When taking photos of a pool area, it’s good to think about things such as making sure the creepy crawly is packed away, turning the water features on, and also thinking about the perspective of the photo. With the first photo, we see a somewhat unflattering perspective - looking across the pool towards the fenceline.

By contrast, the perspective shown in the second photo shows a much more interesting image. You can see how it connects with the entertaining area, and helps start to build the picture of how you might use the space if you were living in the home.

Family room

With this room, by rearranging the furniture layout, we were able to create an additional space - demonstrating that it could function as both a family room and study area. This offered a much better use of space, and more value to the property. The addition of the rug helped to define the two spaces also.

We added artwork to the walls to make the room feel more connected and engaging.

Creating a new dining space

Even though - according to the floor plan - this home had 2 x family rooms, the original presentation didn’t tell that story.

To get the most out of the floor space in this home, we created a new dining space. This enabled to us to re-create a second living area where the dining table had been - demonstrating greater value for money.

Outdoor entertaining area

The staging of the second photo really paints a picture. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time out there by the pool?

Front view - curb appeal

This home had 10 foot high ceilings and great curb appeal - something that wasn’t completely captured with the first image.

The second image was taken from a higher perspective, to really highlight the height and stature of the home.

The gardens were also freshly mulched and some simple outdoor furniture was included to demonstrate the potential for a lovely breakfast nook to potential buyers - again giving a glimpse of what life could be like living in this home.

Additional bedrooms

And finally - the addition of double beds to the other bedrooms. If a bedroom can realistically fit a double bed, then a double bed should be used over a single. It helps highlight to the buyer that the room is a double.

In both of the bedrooms pictured below, we were able to demonstrate that they could accommodate not just double beds, but also side tables, lamps etc - something that the buyer may not have been able to see if we hadn’t displayed it that way.