Stage 1: Pre Design

Pre-design is required to establish the project parameters so we can prepare a detailed fee proposal for you, that outlines our scope of work, timeline for each stage, our fees and an estimate of other associated costs. Before starting the project you will have a very clear understanding of both design and construction costs as well as timeframes to get you from this stage to the completion of your project.

Work completed:

  • Detailed client brief to determine your goals, requirements and budget

  • Preliminary town planning research to identify any potential constraints

  • Site investigation and analysis

  • Preparation of detailed fee proposal

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Stage 2: Concept Design

During this stage we build a 3D virtual model of the project, incorporating any existing elements such as the land and buildings that occupy the site. We then develop several concept plans with various site and building layouts that incorporate all of your requirements. We will present multiple options to you.

Work completed:

  • Building survey (if working with an existing building)

  • Building of 3D virtual model

  • Site plan, floor plan(s) and 3D sketch renders of various options

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Stage 3: Detailed Design

After you select your favourite concept plan we then start designing every element and detail. You will see your home start to come to life over various iterations. We will incorporate materials and colours, design kitchen and bathroom layouts, design stairs and balustrades and literally every part of the home. We will start to put together a specification and with your input we will develop schedules for all of the fixtures, fittings and finishes. We make sure that everything works together - structurally, aesthetically, functionally. On completion of this stage we make sure that the home is buildable within your budgetary parameters and that ultimately you are 100% satisfied before proceeding to the next stage.

Work completed:

  • Site plan, floor plan(s), elevations, 3D renders

  • Preliminary FFF schedules and specifications

  • Selection of primary building materials and elements

  • Developed 3D model to incorporate changes, materials and other information

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Stage 4: Construction Documentation

Now that the design is complete it’s time to turn our attention to the technical drawings and other technical documents. A certain level of detail is required to communicate to the certifier, that the design complies with building codes and regulations. Additional plans and detailing may be required to ensure the builder understands each aspect of the design and has everything he or she needs to construct the building to a high standard and at the same time limiting the potential for problems arising in the middle of construction.

Work completed:

  • Complete set of technical drawings required for approvals and construction

  • Additional plans and construction details to builder’s requirements

  • Specification of materials, standards and workmanship

  • Schedules of fixtures, fittings and finishes

NOTE: Together this complete set forms your contract documentation. Provided your building contract is prepared correctly, your builder is legally bound by the contract documents. If any issues arise during or post construction, these documents may be referenced by statutory authorities, legal professionals and the courts. A well-prepared set of contract documents is essential to protect your liability.

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Stage 5: Contract Administration

Now you have approval and are ready to build. We can support you during construction by administering the contract and by acting as your representative to protect your interests before, during and post build.

Work completed:

  • Project tender and negotiation

  • Contract administration duties to ensure compliance with contract

  • Site supervision and key stage inspections

  • Act as client representative and first point of contact

  • Post construction inspection and defects report

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