development services


acquisitions & feasibility

Whether you are a first time developer or a seasoned professional who needs some short term support, we can help. We can drive and/or support your project at various stages of the development lifecycle or we can lead it from the very beginning through to completion.

Services include:

  • Research and source property that aligns with your strategic and operational objectives

  • Shortlist and present a portfolio of prospective acquisitions to management

  • Complete due diligence and feasibility reports on selected properties

  • Carry out any necessary site investigations

  • Prepare concept plans of development if required

  • Coordinate and manage other consultants as required

  • Negotiate and oversee sale contract until settlement



planning & project management

Once you have selected your development site and contracts are in place, we can provide a plan and management service to get you through the design and approvals stage.

Services include:

  • Detailed program of each task with timeline and estimated costs

  • Prepare a scope of works and project brief for each consultant and ensure they do not do more or less than is required

  • Review consultants’ contracts, make amendments and coordinate engagement

  • Manage consultants to ensure they deliver in a timely fashion and inline with our agreement

  • Review consultants’ work and request amendments where necessary

  • Prepare and/or oversee approval applications

  • Attend project meetings with stakeholders, consultants and authorities

  • Research and assist architect with the selction of materials, products, fixtures, fittings, hardware, furniture etc.


tender & negotiation

There is a way to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. We engage with builders at the tender stage to ensure they have a complete understanding of the project and are provided with all necessary information for their bid. Attention to detail and communication with all stakeholders at this stage is critical to the project’s success.

Services include:

  • Prepare and package contract documents along with a detailed project brief

  • Research and select a specific number of builders and issue a tender request

  • Follow up with builders and provide additional information, clarification and detail as required

  • Review all responses and request amendments where necessary

  • Negotiate with builder(s) for more favorable terms

  • Select builder and prepare, review and finalise contract

  • Communicate with all stakeholders at each step during the tender process



contract administration

Once the build contract has been executed, we will focus on the project delivery from the start of construction through to occupancy.

Services include:

  • Oversee the contract to ensure all parties are complying with its terms

  • Act as the first point of contact for builder enquiries and/or issues

  • Review payment claims and administer progress payments to builder

  • Supervise construction from the client side

  • Support builder where possible to limit errors, rectifications and time loss

  • Be present when authorities carry our their inspection and report to client

  • Ensure each inspection is signed off by the engineer or certifier and a copy of certificate is received and stored

  • Ensure all manuals and warranties are received and stored

  • Conduct post occupancy inspection and defects report

  • Follow up with builder and/or trades to ensure any defects are rectified